Bubble Sorcerer

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What is Bubble Sorcerer?

Bubble Sorcerer
Some magical bubbles will be floating up there, on the ceiling of this game so you will have the image of this game screen absolutely empty in the middle side, a blue background, in the bottom side you could observe the cannon which will have some bubbles which will help you to shoot those ones which are on the ceiling and make sure that you won't the up bubbles to touch the ground anyway! Use the mouse in order to do that, keeping it pressed in order to aim and shoot successfully!

Good luck in this fantastic and so cool shooting adventure and do not forget that the wand will be your canon so use it wisely, in order to do not let it conquer yourself with its power. Good luck for the last time and at some interval of time, the bubbles will get down and down. Don't let them crash onto the ground because this means losing the game!

Be fast, accurate, and make sure that you will destroy and blow up all the bubbles from the sorcerer's trajectory. You won't need some special skills for this task, but some really important abilities when it comes to shooting and aiming, of course! Go for it now and help this little girl sorcerer match the colors of the bubbles because only this way you can blow them!

How to play?

Use the mouse

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