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NY Rex
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NY Rex Overview


NY Rex is a dinosaur destruction game, where you get to become the ancient reptile that everyone is afraid of: the T-Rex! The T-Rex is known as one of the biggest and most vicious dinosaurs of the past, which has now been bio-engineered back to life. Of course, that's not a good idea, since it got dropped into New York City, and it's now destroying everything in its path! Well, you are, since you're going to be doing that. Fun, right?

Wreck the city with NY Rex online!

Move using A and D, press W to jump, and the S key to crouch. Move the head by moving the mouse up and down, and when you want to bite into something, click left!

In each of the sixteen levels there is a number of people who you have to eat to complete them, so eat them up and then go to the finish line. That earns you points, but so does biting and destroying trash containers, cars, benches, food stands, even buildings.

Start off by cutting the chains that are holding you by the airplane to get down into the city and start your T-Rex rampage!

Survive the human counter-attack!

After your landing in New York, and your first killings, the humans will start to bite back. Yes, they will send shooters from helicopters, and airplanes to drop bombs on you, tanks, and other military soldiers and weapons to get you. Well, don't let them kill you, but bite and kill them instead. They want to capture the T-Rex and put it back in chains, and you don't want to let that happen!

Destroy to earn!

The destruction you cause on the buildings, cars, and other objects, not people, also gives you points, extra ones, so try to eat up anything that can fit into your mouth that you see alongside the New York streets to earn the biggest high score possible!

How to play?

Movement is done with WASD, and biting and attacking is done with the mouse.

Tips & Tricks

  • You cannot finish a level if you've not eaten all the targets.
  • Rotate your head all around with the mouse to eat anything in your path!

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