Build a Playground

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What is Build a Playground?

Build a Playground
Bob’s nickname is not The Builder just for show, and that is because he is really good at building stuff, which is why he is the favorite construction worker and handyman for children all over the world. What do kids like doing? Well, going outside with their friends and playing around, which is why playgrounds have been invented for them. There they can go on the swing, go down the slide, play in the sandpit, and more.

Well, Bob has been tasked by the city to build an awesome playground for children, which you make from the ground up in this game, starting off by digging a hole, something that you need the help of Scoop for. Scoop is the yellow vehicle on which you keep clicking in order to dig the hole properly. Click on Muck, the orange machine, and pour sand into the pit you made not too long ago. Lofty is a blue crane on which you click next in order to place the seesaw and the slide.

The playground needs to have a sign that tells people what it is, so kids can know where they can play. You will use Dizzy, a mixer, in order to mix concrete and then pour it where needed. You will take the sign, place it in the concrete, and then repeatedly click on Bob the Builder in order to hammer it in so that it stays in place.

The playground is now done, thanks to your help for Bob, and now kids from all over town can come and play here, have fun, all in a safe environment that you’ve helped build!

How to play?

use the mouse

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