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What are Bob the Builder Games?

Humanity has strived because of its ability to always improve, expand, and build, and construction is still happening all over the world to this day since people need places to live in, buildings to go to work at, facilities and venues for entertainment, and where to spend their down-time in, or maybe even just structures to look at. One thing is certain, and that is we will keep on building until the end of time, so it’s not at all surprising that many kids, especially boys, are really curious about the world of construction and building.

If you are one of them, you made the right choice in coming over to our category of Bob the Builder Games online, since this has been a show that has introduced children into this world for a long time now, as it has started airing in 1998, and this first series aired all the way to 2011. Yes, that’s more than a decade, and in 2015 we saw a new series being produced, which aired on Milkshake TV, making this a staple of British animated television, with the show being aired in the US and other countries as well.
Whether or not you watch the show and are familiar with the lore should not be a factor in the decision to play or not play games with Bob the Builder on our website, since you should always try them out, as they are both fun and educational at the same time, and they improve your logical thinking, make you better at solving problems, in addition to giving you tips and tricks that you can use in your real life when you want to build something or fix it.

You can learn maths by counting or adding tractors or tools with Bob, you can stack structures to build a big tower, you can explore Bob’s toolbox and give him the tools and items he needs at any time or simply sort out his garage full of tools. In some games you design a house by sketching it up and coloring it, you can go through town and help people fix their damaged items in their house, or maybe even do some plumbing, which is another field Bob is an expert at.
Together with Bob, you will be able to drive and maybe even race vehicles such as excavators, tractors, combines, learn about recycling, create a playground from scratch to help children have a safe place to play in the middle of the city, and you will even solve puzzles that feature Bob and his many friends. Now that you know all about this page’s games, let’s introduce you to the characters and their world, especially if you are new to this franchise!

Bob is a contractor in the world of building, and his main expertise would be masonry, although he can do anything from fixing devices, doing plumbing, rising buildings from the ground up, renovating older houses, and much more. Bob usually asks the viewers the important question of "Can we fix it?", right after they determine what kind of issue they have to solve, and the other characters in the show promptly respond with "Yes we can!".
Bob can’t do anything and everything by himself, which is true for most people, which is why he always has Wendy by his side, who is his assistant and sidekick, always helping him out with the tools he requires, she makes appointments and even gets down to business herself when there is need for a bigger workforce to finish a job. You can also see her worrying and taking care of Bob’s cat most of the time, as he is busy with work all day long, so he can only spend time with it in the evening.

A handyman would be nothing without his tools, and the tools and vehicles in this show can talk to Bob, with the fact that they are brought to life making it easier for kids to learn about them. Scoop is a yellow loader vehicle who loves making jokes all the time, Muck is the red bulldozer who can be quite clumsy for his big size, and Lofty is a blue crane used for lifting things, but who can be quite timid in comparison to the other tools and vehicles. The youngest member of the vehicle squad is Dizzy, an orange cement mixer who is excited about working and anything that goes on around her, and we can’t forget about Roley either, the green steamroller who acts before he thinks and loves to make up different songs.

The show has seen many settings through the years, starting off in a small town, but Bob eventually moved to a big city, where he had more work to do all the time, as you would expect from a huge and active metropolis like Spring City. Bob is a builder and handyman just like his father and grandfather, who inspired his love for this job, and in the reboot series he even took on an apprentice in the form of Leo, a boy whom Bob entrusts his knowledge about all things building and fixing!
What this show aims to teach children through each episode is the importance of working together and co-operation, why you should never give up, how to solve problems or deal with a conflict that might appear in your life and all the skills you get from watching the show allow children to develop fast and good, helping their social lives in the future, no doubt about it! This show is more than just repairs, that’s for sure!

Bob the Builder’s toolbox of games is an infinite resource of fun and learning, where you will have one awesome gaming experience after another, with us being totally confident that the tips and tricks you learn from playing these awesome repair games and building games will come in handy one day later in life, and you will be very happy you have played our Bob the Builder Games online for free, only on Play-Games!