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What are Bob the Builder Games?

The new category with Bob the Builder games are among the most beautiful and also the most played games on, which is why we want to present your first main characters Nole will play Bob the Builder games. First the game begins with the protagonist is Bob herself, and is a true professional in the construction, which is why he will let imagination when craftsmen come to you and try to build all sorts of things, houses , buildings and various other structures with master Manole. One of his mobile phone accessories is that it uses very often and with which manages to keep in touch with business people she has around him when put to build something special and unseen. Both the Bureau's work papers, tax documents and orders is made by Bob and help him is Wendy, a true friend and a skilled worker is the post of secretary in Bob's company. Granjero Pickles - Mura ?? tourists farmer is a farmer who manages to help Bob in his chores around the house to. Obviously the cartoons that I watched all the Nickelodeon we saw various agricultural machinery and other animals and people who shoulder the good work, but among these machines and machines I want to mention: Scoop is the leader that is the function of all the machines backhoe and with it coordinates the entire activity of machines, his color is yellow. Dizzy is a blender, a shaker orange with red and he was always very curious and trying to solve all the missions they participate. Muck is a red caterpillar with an extra car, which is afraid of the dark, but it does its job as it should in the sector that Bob the builder to solve for it. Elevated magnet is an electric crane and lift the cup before, to tow and push Bob manufacturer of construction tools. Roley is a compressor whose power is green air compression. Travis is a tractor to tow trailers turquoise that makes large tractors with speed and power through the yard full of farm machines. Pilchards is the spoiled cat who always has something to comment ahead of Bob the constructor. Scrufty is friends with Roley blue bird and a crow Squawk is always bothering you on Spud. Tommy, Hamish and Fin are other friends who are portrayed Bob's a turtle, a talking parrot and a mascot. Well, these are the main characters that you team has presented a brief description before you begin the game with Bob the Builder also remember that all of these games you are offered Bob the Builder free way for all children and fans of these characters on nickelodeon junior special bonus game!

What are the best Bob the Builder Games in 2020?

  1. Build a Playground
  2. Build a Recycling Center
  3. Bob the Racer
  4. Tool Shed Tidy up
  5. Bob Design a House
  6. Bob the Builder at Work
  7. Build Winter Fun
  8. Bob Lays Pipe
  9. Stack to the Sky
  10. Bob the Builder Jigsaw

What are the most popular Bob the Builder Games for mobile?

  1. Tool Shed Tidy up
  2. Bob Design a House
  3. Stack to the Sky
  4. Bob Tool Box
  5. Bob with Excavator
  6. Bob Fixing Things
  7. Bob the Builder Delivery Dash
  8. Bob the Plumber
  9. Bob the Builder Hidden Stars