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Food Frenzy

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Food Frenzy
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Food Frenzy Overview


Start the Food Frenzy with a new cooking and serving game! Instead of working at a restaurant, you're in charge of making food in the Diaz Family. In this family of nine from the Disney Channel show Stuck in the Middle, it's not easy to feed everyone. Can you do it? Kids and adults alike are hungry, so let's help out!

Cook and serve through the Food Frenzy!

As members of the family come up to you in the kitchen, they show you want they want to eat or drink. You need to cook it up, and then serve it to them. To do it, use the mouse to interact with the kitchenware, as well as the ingredients in front of you.

You've got the fridge, the pans, you have an oven, cutting boards, plates, and glasses. When it comes to food, you've got milk, bacon, flakes, or fruits like strawberries, cherries, and bananas. This is for the breakfast level. You then got other levels, with different food to make:

  1. Italian Night
  2. Taco Night
  3. Pancake Day
  4. Burger Night
  5. Snack Shack Attack
  6. The School Lunch Rush
Make food fast!

In the bubbles of each character, you see what they want. Drag the ingredients and cook them as required. Milk you will just pour in the glass, but bacon, that's a different story. Put it on the pan, and wait for it to fry up. Then, put it on the plate, and only after that hand it to your customer.

Why fast? Well, there's a timer. Before it runs out, try cooking and serving as much food as possible!

Make tasty food!

Do not cook food too long, or too short. If that happens, and it's undercooked or overcooked, you lose points. You get points for all the dishes you make correctly. There is a target number of points, and you have to reach it each cooking session to win!

Now you've got the cooking basics nailed down, so become the chef you've always dreamed of!

How to play?

Use the mouse.

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