All Hail King Julien Mango Mania

All Hail King Julien Mango Mania

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All Hail King Julien Mango Mania
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All Hail King Julien Mango Mania Overview


Put your bubble shooting skills with All Hail King Julien Mango Mania! Instead of regular bubbles, mangos in red, blue, green, yellow are yours for the taking. Julien is hungry, and only you can help him get fed!

Start King Julien's Mango Mania!

From the bottom of the screen, you shoot mangos up top. Aim and shoot using the mouse, and target mangos in the same color. When three or more of the same color are shot, or grouped, they get eliminated. They don't just become food, but points. Score a number of points as big as possible.

Even more importantly, prevents the mangos from reaching the bottom. They're slowly moving towards you. Shoot and match them before they reach you. If that happens, you lose and have to restart.

If it happens, start again. Get your skills up, and prevent it from happening again. Each new time you play, try shooting and scoring a bigger number of points. Can you do it? It's not a mania game for nothing, so stand up to the task!

How to play?

Use the mouse.

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