The Return of Blowhole

The Return of Blowhole

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The Return of Blowhole
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The Return of Blowhole Overview


The Return of Blowhole is the game with which we are now welcoming you back to the world of Penguins of Madagascar Games online, a category that is beloved here quite a lot, where right now you face one of the biggest enemies the penguins ever faced, Blowhole, a dolphin who masks his villain intension by pretending to be cute, but the penguins are on him, and will now thwart his latest plan!

Stop The Return of Blowhole with the Penguins of Madagascar!

The Penguins are using a form in which they all sit on top of each other while advancing, and when you click on one of them, he and those above him will jump, so use this technique to jump and create a space between the penguins, through which the attacks of Blowhole should go through, thus avoiding them.

There will also be lobsters and bombs you need to be careful about and avoid at all costs. Another enemy that might appear and you need to watch out for is the Mindjacker. Click on a bubble to release one of the penguins, and if you lose one, grab the heart power-ups to get them back.

The more you can advance while avoiding the attacks of your dolphin enemy, the more your score increases, so we wish you the best in all that. Good luck, and we hope that you start right now!

How to play?

Use the mouse.

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