Lazytown Superhero Challenge

Lazytown Superhero Challenge

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Lazytown Superhero Challenge
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Lazytown Superhero Challenge Overview


Lazytown Superhero Challenge is a game for sportspeople, where you meet characters from Disney Channel like Sportacus and Stephanie. Sportacus is a very sporty man and he has a healthy life. He eats many apples and doesn't agree with juice and sweets, he tries to save the children from anything, like a kind of guardian angel. Stephanie is a girl very happy and all the time she dresses in pink, of course, likes sport too. She takes care of her friends and wants everything to be good for them. They fight Robbie who tries to knock them down because he is envious of Sportacus. He tries various suits, different devices to get him down, but he fails.

Their friends are also helping in this adventure like Milford Meanswell Mayor of LazyTown and Stephanie's uncle, Bessie Busybody is Mayor's maybe-girlfriend, Ziggy Zweet is Sportacus's biggest fan, Pixel Hyperbyte young boy whit a passion for technology and he has interesting hair, Trixie Trouble by she's a girl who doesn't like rules, and Stingy Spoilers he is a boy who loves money.

At the beginning of the game, you have to choose a character between Sportacus and Stephanie. After you are chosen the character, will see a game table and on the left one dice. After each move, you have to take a mysterious card below. Sportacus and Stephanie like sport, so if you peek a card that has a challenge for a sports activity you have to do with your favorite superhero.

The rest of the cards have puzzles, memory games, catch the negative characters, and more. In one of the puzzles, you'll find their friends. Be careful because Robbie is here too and he wants to stop Sportacus and Stephanie. When you get to finish, you won. You can't lose the goal of this game is to get to finish as soon as possible and show Robbie that you can't stop simply, no obstacles stop you. The game board looked a little bit of the town, you can see Sportacus's house, Robbie's house, and the city hall. Have fun!


How to play?

Use the MOUSE to play.

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