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What are Lazytown Games?

Every day of the week here on, you dear children have the chance to play a lot of fun and interesting games, and today dear friends you can see that we have prepared for you a very special games category from Nickelodeon. This is going to be a new cartoon musical comedy that was famous around the world, and you know by the name of Lazytown! Exactly dear friends, you can see that from today on, here on the Lazytown games category is live and you can play awesome games with Stepahinie and Sportacus are bringing for you starting today the most interesting Nickelodeon games from your favorite show, Lazytown. For those that do not know the story of Lazytown, we are going to leave a short description about the Lazytown cartoon from Nickelodeon and even about all of the Lazytown characters that you are going to meet and play with here on our free online games website that you can play on phones or tablets. Layztown is a short educational story from Iceland, which was brought for you by the Nickelodeon channel where we are sure that you saw at least one Lazytown episode, and that you have learned a lot of stuff, because this story is a musical and a very educational cartoon, in which Sportacus and Stephanie are trying to teach all the children how to cut things with sissors without getting hurt, how to color between the lines, and how dress up on their own, and make sure that they know how to use the fork and spoon. The Lazytown characters are going to have a great time here on our website, because dear friends you will see that they will prepare for you special puzzle games, online adventure games, new superheroe challenges, funny memory games and even coloring and dress up games with Sportacus and Stephanie, and we are sure that you will have a great time playing our latest Nickelodeon games, and that Stephanie and Sportacus are going to become your favorite characters. Beside Sportacus and Stephanie, you can see that in the little Lazytown, which you will see that is the actual name of the Nickelodeon' characters town, there are a lot of other citizens, and you dear friends are going to have a great time playing with Robbie Rotten, which you will see that will be the villain from the story. Robbie Rotten will try to stop Stephanie and Sportacus become more and more popular in the Lazytown making good deeds and helping everybody live a healthy life and learning new awesome things, and you will have to help both Stephanie and Sportacus stop Robbie Rottenfrom all of his evil plans. Ziggy is another character from Lazytown, and you dear friends can see that he is trying to eat only vegetables and healthy food, but Robbie Rotten is trying to feed him junk food or fast food, so you have to stop him every time to break his diet. Trixie, Pixie and Stingy are other little characters that you might meet in the Lazytown cartoon from Nickelodeon, and we are sure that you will have a great time and you will see that many other fun and interesting new games categories are going to continue to appear right here on our website in the future. Have fun!