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Danger Squad

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Danger Squad
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Danger Squad Overview


Become a full-fledged member of the Danger Squad! In this new Danger Mouse game online, you're going to fight and go on an adventure where you have to save the world. It's the first street fighting game of the series, the only one, and a must-play. It also features three amazing stories you can role-play through:

  1. The Mouse Trap
  2. The Greater Escape
  3. Quark's Arena

Help Danger Squad defeat the villains!

In the first story, which we've played, we are dealing with a robot invasion. Go on the streets and defeat the robots in the fights together with Danger Mouse. To move him, draw a line where you want him to go. When you want to attack the robots, draw a line towards them.

The supporting character cannot fight, which is why he's in that role. Instead, drag a line from him to Mouse so that you can heal him after having been dealt damage in the fights. You defeat each robot after hitting them enough to deplete their health bar.

Take a break, but get back into the fights!

Defeat one wave of enemies, and then another one will appear. Each new wave gets bigger and stronger, so keep up! Between waves, you have the tea break. In it, drag food over the two characters to replenish the health that they've lost in the previous fights. It's important, or else you might die fast and lose.

Complete all the missions, finish all the stories, and have the most awesome fights! Win them too!

How to play?

Use the mouse.

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