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What are Danger Mouse Games ?

Danger Mouse is such a great animated TV show, airing most likely in the United Kingdom and it has been recently remade, inspired from an old TV animated series with the same name. In 1981, there was created this TV show, named Danger Mouse but since then, the series stopped until in 2015, when BCC premiered a kind of remake of that old series, but with brand new advntures and characters and of course, new challenges to accomplish so this is a brand new and different mission, inspired from an old one. After a year, the success was pretty huge and you may be one of their fans so you know what it is talking about and that's exactly why last year, in 2016, there was launched the second season! The first season wasn't enough for the Danger Mouse series lovers so that's why the second season must appeared last year! Now, in 2017, on 4 April, not long ago, there has been launched the third season of Danger Mouse, so there are fresh episodes for you to watch, following the same storyline but with so many unknown factors. I guess you are looking forward seeing some games appeared too, with your favourite heroes from the series, and that's exactly the purpose of creating this special games category, only and just for you! In the following part of this description, you are going to find out a couple of basic things about the TV show, the storyline, the characters and different features of it, so interesting to be found out by any real fan and not only. Danger Mouse is such a great secret agent, one of the most famous in the world, through his accomplishments and hard work. He doesn't work by himself, so he's got some really powerful and intelligent helpers, especially his sidekick, Penfold! Together, they are fighting with different villains and threats from all around the world, but they would be easy to be defeated anyway, if they hadn't two important mates, Colonel K, who is his boss, and Professor Squawkencluck! Both of them give them everything necessary for some really good fights, which may raise their odds in the adventures or rescuing people so with the necessary tools and stuff, they are even able to fight threats and villains like his arch nemesis, such a powerful and evil villain, named Baron von Greenback. The fights with him are never too easy so that's why they must be prepared all the time. Now that you know all these, I guess you are pretty excited for seeing what kind of games could appear on this category, with your favourite secret agent! The series promotes team work, important real life values like friendship, trust and the relationships among humans so you can only learn interesting things by watching or playing Danger Mouse episodes or games! Here, in our special category, exclusively dedicated for you, there you can find all kind of games from puzzle games to memorizing ones, cards matching or even puzzle and jigsaw games and different adventures, because our imagination, has no border, just like yours! Good luck and if you choose to check out the games from this category, you won't regret it at all! Danger Mouse doesn't need fame or glory, that's why he's a secret agent but the satisfy of seeing another people safe and alive because of him and his sidekick, his boss and the awesome professor who always give him valuable pieces of advice, it's more than enough! Enter this awesome world and after playing a couple of games you must like the TV show even more than you've loved it before! Let's look forward together for even the fourth season and see you there then too, with new adventures, new challenges and all of these, in the adventurous world of Danger Mouse!