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What are Danger Mouse Games ?

Danger Mouse is such a great animated TV show, airing most likely in the United Kingdom, and it has been recently remade, inspired by an old TV animated series with the same name. In 1981, a TV show was created, Danger Mouse, but since then, the series has stopped until 2015, when BCC premiered a kind of remake of that old series. Still, with brand new adventures and characters and, of course, new challenges to accomplish, this is a new and different mission inspired by an old one. After a year, the success was pretty massive, and you may be one of their fans, so you know what it is talking about, and that's precisely why last year, in 2016, the second season was launched! 

Danger Mouse is a great secret agent and one of the most famous in the world, thanks to his accomplishments and hard work. He doesn't work alone, so he's got some powerful and intelligent helpers, especially his sidekick, Penfold! Together, they are fighting different villains and threats from all around the world. Still, they would be easily defeated without two important mates, Colonel K, his boss, and Professor Squawkencluck! Both of them give them everything necessary for some excellent fights, which may raise their odds in the adventures or rescuing people, so with the required tools and stuff, they are even able to fight threats and villains like his arch nemesis, such a powerful and evil villain, named Baron von Greenback.