Princesses Emergency Room

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What is Princesses Emergency Room?

Princesses Emergency Room
Three Disney princesses have been in an accident, and you can see that we are bringing for you the Princesses Emergency Room game for kids here on our website, in which Barbie is going to be the doctor, and she is going to need your help to fix all he princesses' injuries.

Today dear kids you can see that Barbie is a doctor at the hospital, and she has three unusual pacients walking in the emergency room. Elsa and Anna from Frozen with Aurora from Sleeping Beauty are going to be the main characters in this new challenge, and you can see that they have all been in an accident, and need medical attention ASAP.

Elsa is the very first pacient on your schedule as a doctor, so you have to be very careful and see which are her simptoms. For you to take a better look at Elsa, you will have to use your mouse in order to take her temperature and check her body for major injuries. Once you have established that princess Elsa from Frozen only has a cold, you will have to take her temperature again, asses the problem and make sure that you prescribe the right medicine.

The next Disney princess in your schedule is going to be Aurora, and you dear girls can see that she has more problems than Elsa. Aurora has face injuries because she has fallen in the woods, and now her entire face is going to be filled with splinters. Make sure that using the mouse, you dear kids can give Aurora a sedative so that she is not in so much pain once you start picking out all the splinters from her face.

Merida from Brave is the next Disney character in need of medical attention, and you will see that she has skin face problems due to a very ugly rash. Merida wants to look like an ordinary Disney princess, so you have to make sure that using your mouse, you will manage to start cleaning Merida's face from all the little infection blisters. Use the right tools that are layed out on the tray, and you will see that Merida's face skin rash will be treated.

Elsa's sister, the Frozen princess Anna is going to be your last pacient, and you can see very fast that she has a nasty ear infection. Her ear is very big because it has swallen up due to the infection. She has blisters, inflamation and small cuts and scratches that you will have to clean apply medicine and start stiching up the ear so that the infection will not spread. Have fun!


How to play?

Use the MOUSE to play.

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