My Perfect Wedding

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My Perfect Wedding
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What is My Perfect Wedding?

My Perfect Wedding

Today dear kids you will see that we have brought for you the My Perfect Wedding game for girls, in which a cute Barbie doll is the main character, and she is going to want to have a perfect wedding, and you guys are the only ones that can help her get ready for this new wedding.

Barbie and Ken will be the two lovers that today want to have a perfect wedding, and Barbie is going to want to look like the cutest and the most modern brides here on our website, and you will have to use your mouse in order to control alll the actions of the game. Once you press the play button, you will get started to create the perfect wedding.

You will have to be very creative, because a wedding takes a lot of time to prepare, so you have ot make sure that you can design an entire wedding in just one game that might take more than five minutes to finish. You will see that Barbie and Ken divided the game in a dress up challenge, make up challenge, decoration challenge and even a ceremony one, where you can attend the perfect wedding.

Barbie and Ken are ready for their makeover, because it's their wedding day already, and we have nothing prepared. You have to think very fast of the style of the wedding and see how Barbie and Ken will have cute outfits. Barbie is going to need special bride dresses to wear at the wedding, and using the mouse, you can start picking different types of wedding dresses that could match the style that you are thinking for Barbie.

Ken is also going to have to get dressed, so you have to be very creative and see how you can match Ken's groom suit with Barbie's dress, and you will see that your favorite characters will manage to have a cute outfit for this wedding. After the dresses and the suits that you have to pick, you can see that the next part of the game will be Barbie's make up. Help your good friend to have a beautiful make up for her wedding day, so you will have to use special colors and see how Barbie will be ready for the perfect wedding.

Once you've seen that Barbie and Ken are ready for the wedding, your next task is to prepare the actual wedding. You will have to start decorating the venue with flowers, decorations in cute colors and even little doves that might fly around for the two love birds, and you will see how Barbie and Ken will return here on our website with many other cute games for girls. Have fun!


How to play?

Use the MOUSE to play.

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