Yuki Enchanted Creature Shop

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Yuki Enchanted Creature Shop
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What is Yuki Enchanted Creature Shop?

Yuki Enchanted Creature Shop
Today, you dear girls can see that here on our website, we are bringing for you dear kids the Yuki Enchanted Animals Shop game for children that you can play on your phones and tablets. In this new challenge, you are going to meet with Yuki, one of the cutest girls on our website, that wants to open her very first animal shop, and she needs a lot of help to prepare for the grand opening.

You dear kids can see that in this new challenge, Yuki is going to start with a very interesting makeover challenge, in which you have to dress up, makeup, hairstyle, and accessorize her for the opening of the animal's shop. The next step is to help Yuki get the enchanted animals for the shop and start decorating it and placing the animals in the right spots so that the shop will be very cute.

Yuki is going to need a very special Japanese outfit for her to wear while selling enchanted animals in the shop, and for that, you will have to use the mouse and start looking for cute little outfits that you will have to find with the most interesting and the most exciting Japanese robes, dresses, skirts or regular kimono outfits that she can wear in the store.

Once you get through with the dress up and the makeup for Yuki, you can see that you have to start finding the right animals for the enchanted animal store, and you will have 1000 coins to use into trying to find as many animals as possible. Each turn that you take will cost you 10 coins for a common animal, 20 coins for an epic animal and 30 coins for a legendary one, and once you get to sell them all, and earn more coins, you can return to the fortune wheel and try to find other enchanted animals.

We are sure that you will have a great time through this new challenge, because dear kids you will have to make sure that as fast as possible, you will see how Yuki will want to decorate the store as cute as possible, and you will have to place all the animal crates in special spots, all the shelves, and all the items on them in the right places in order to have a great time, and you will see how many points you are going to gain through this new challenge. Have fun!


How to play?

Use the MOUSE to play.

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