Garfield Caught in the Act

Garfield Caught in the Act

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Garfield Caught in the Act
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Garfield Caught in the Act Overview


Caught in the Act is one of the first Garfield games we were able to play on TV in 1995. The game embodies our stinking cat who tries to get through all the levels of the game to survive and get home safely.

Pilot: The game starts very abruptly, when Garfield and Oddie (the dog in the house) start playing, running around the house, and at some point, they collide with the TV and Garfield breaks the TV. The two partygoers try to fix the TV, but they don't succeed. The problem occurs when you plug it in and it is turned on. Then Garfield is absorbed by the electric current and pulled inside the TV, and here begins his whole adventure in which you will have to participate and help him.

Special Objects:

  1. Health Bonus: burgers, pizza
  2. Ammunition - objects you will have to avoid: fish skeleton, cross, bomb, skull (skull), spikes
  3. Extra Life: The moment you see Garfield's head, you'll have to go after him to get an extra life.
  4. Way Marker: to mark your territory you will have to go after the bears
  5. Mallet Key: a hammer
  6. Invincibility: a cup of coffee.

First Level: in the first level of the game you will have to go to the world of TV, where you have to jump over electrical circuits, climb high voltage wires and finally reach the remote control of the TV that will teleport you to the next level. Gather all the important objects in the game because they will be useful in the next mission. In order to successfully overcome all the dangers you have in the game, you will have to jump over the high voltage lines that can current you, climb a rope so as not to touch the current, and try to reach the gate that it will teleport you to the next level. Don't forget all the items you will have to collect to complete your adventure with Garfield.

Second level - Count Slobula's Castle: The next adventure you have is in the haunted castle that is right at the end of the cemetery. To get there you will have to walk on a hill full of obstacles, monsters coming towards you. To fight the zombies you will have to throw the deadhead after them or attack them with the flame torch. Be very careful where you step because there is the possibility of reaching underground in a cellar full of ghosts and bats that can kill you. If you get there, pay attention to these obstacles, climb the coffin, and then the rope to reach the surface again. Use the flame torch to destroy your enemies and throw the skull from your hand at the enemies.

How to play?

use the arrows to move, Z, X to attack and C to jump.

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