Sustainable Shaun

Sustainable Shaun

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Sustainable Shaun
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Sustainable Shaun Overview


Are you passionate about ecology and recycling objects? Help us recycle objects in the new Shaun game in which you will have to get actively involved in several projects that encourage saving the environment and reducing global warming and in this way you can educate your less knowledgeable friends on how to protect the environment.

The Sustainable Shaun game is divided into several missions:

  1. Energy Crisis
  2. Winter is coming
  3. Pesticide panic
  4. Clothes drive
  5. En-tire-ly barking

Energy Crisis: It's the final episode of the pigeon's favorite TV show tonight and the city doesn't have enough power to meet the demand! The city needs more renewable energy, but not everyone is happy about having a windmill in their backyard! You need to build efficient windmills so that the energy bar is filled, whilst making sure the residents are kept happy.

Winter is coming: It will soon be winter. the foxes are concerned that they won't be able to grow enough food to feed all the residents who won't be hibernating. they need a polytunnel so that they can grow enough food to last throughout the winter. Build 4 fully-upgraded vegetable patches to create polytunnel.

Pesticide panic: A farmer in the field next to your city has sprayed pesticides over all of his crops. This has killed the pests, but it has also poisoned all of the minibeasts living there. the hedgehogs living in your city need these tasty friends to survive. Build 3 beehives and 3 minibeast hotels to provide a safe sanctuary for all of the sick minibeasts.

Clothes drive: Lots of new feline friends are queuing up to join Shaun in your amazing new sustainable city, but they're just isn't room! Shaun has come up with a clever plan to turn junk into cash and expand the city. Collect the old clothes that have been dumped in the junkyard to make enough money to buy the neighboring building.

En-tire-ly barking: Dogs love to chase Cats, we all know that. But now they're bored of it and they're getting up to all sorts of mischief! Luckily Bitzer's come up with a plan to build them the best thing they've chased in their lives! build the 5 components that you need to create Bitzer's new invention.

How to play?

use the mouse

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