Caravan Chaos

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What is Caravan Chaos?

Caravan Chaos
Caravan Chaos is a new game with Shaun the sheep, in which you will have to drive a strange caravan. The caravan moves very fast, unbalanced, and the big challenge will be to go with the caravan as well as possible on the route you have. Every mission you have is to keep your balance and try to get to the end of the route as fast as possible without causing an accident.

If you get injured you will have to start the route again, which will not be easy at all. Use the W, S keys to raise or lower the caravan, and the A, D keys to go back and forth, this way you will be able to reach the end of the destination.
The route will be full of obstacles, but you will have to prove to us that you manage to keep your balance and complete each route.

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How to play?

W, S, A, D to move.