Welly Wanger

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Welly Wanger
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What is Welly Wanger?

Welly Wanger

Welly Wanger is one of our latest Shaun the Sheep Games online we're delighted to share it with everyone right now free of charge because there's no doubt in our minds you will love it, as this category has been a timeless mainstay of our website for a while now, and it won't start disappointing now!

Become the best Welly Wanger!

A Welly stands for a Wellington boot, which is a classic style of rubber boot that is used on farms, for hunting, and on many other occasions when you would get really dirty because of mud and terrain, and in this game, you get to throw one into the air for as far and wide as you can!

How? Well, you will use the mouse to set the angle and power at which you shoot it, and as you fling it into the sky, you can continue the flight by falling into the balloons, which will give you an extra boost, but be careful not to hit into the obstacles too many times, since they will slow you down.

For each new time you play, try reaching a distance farther than the one before, no? Good luck, we wish you the best, and hope to see you around some more!

How to play?

Use the mouse.

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