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Stunt Paradise

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Stunt Paradise
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Stunt Paradise Overview


Step into the Stunt Paradise online right now, as we're now going to give you a chance to play one of the best stunt racing games online in 3D from our website, even if it is in the demo version, as it has a total of five amazing levels, just like you can see the first one in the preview video, with the game awaiting you with even more crazy obstacle courses to perform the craziest car tricks on!

Start driving and racing in your own Stunt Paradise online!

You can use either the WASD keys or the ARROW keys to drive with your car through the stunt course.

Use these keys to drive forward, backward, and steer, as you're going on ramps and loops, hit buttons to let down ramps, fly up, and all to avoid any kinds of traps and obstacles, while you do the most amazing stunts only a professional could, but it is totally safe as you're doing it in an online simulation.

Drive through the NOS tanks to be able to get extra speed, and grab coins from the courses. With them you can buy new cars from the main menu, to keep things more fresh and interesting, and be able to do any stunts no matter how hard the courses become. Enjoy!

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Author: Brinemedia

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