Super Donkey Kong 99

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What is Super Donkey Kong 99?

Super Donkey Kong 99

Super Donkey Kong 99 is now emulated, unblocked, and free to play on our website from any PC all over the world, so don't bother searching for a console to use, because it is now easier than ever to play classic retro games of the past, which can bring joy to their older fans, or can bring in a whole new audience!

Try Super Donkey Kong 99 online unblocked no download!

The game is a side-scroller adventure where you use the arrows to move, Z to jump, and give your best to reach the end of each level, going through the locations while avoiding enemies, pits, traps, and other dangers, since bumping or falling into them means losing and having to start again from scratch.

As you go forward, make sure to collect bananas, as many of them as possible to earn a big score, but also because Donkey Kong is hungry, and he is a monkey at the end of the day.

The fun awaits you one click away, so try this new game right now, and tell us in the comments what other old games you would want to see on our website!

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How to play?

Use the arrows, Z key.