Assault Time

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Assault Time
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What is Assault Time?

Assault Time

Assault Time is the latest FPS 3D game online from our website, as we know that these shooter games are always among the most beloved ones we've got, and this one you can play on computers and mobile devices alike, so you really have no excuses at all not to do it, and see for yourselves how much fun there is to be had!

It's Assault Time online!

In this game, you are trying to kill off as many enemies as you can, as you go on the assault, searching the location for them, and shooting them down on sight, because otherwise they shoot back immediately, and when you lose all your health points, you also lose the game, obviously.

If it happens, try using any money you've earned to buy some better weapons and upgrades, and then start the run again, and try to see if you can make a better performance and take down even more enemies the next time that you go on a shooting spree!

Use WASD to move, L to lock the cursor, the mouse to aim and shoot. That's basically it, so feel free to start right now, and maybe invite friends along for the ride too, as they might not know about this game, but it will do them good to learn about it!

How to play?

Use WASD and the mouse.

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