Road Turn

Road Turn

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Road Turn
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Road Turn Overview

You are in control of the traffic flow on the main road and you need to help the cars get sorted out! There are a lot of cars going through the traffic and all you need to do is to help the cars on the other road drive onto the main one.

You have to be careful to not hit the other cars because that will fail the level. Each car has a different length, you have to time your clicks to make the cars fit between the other cars. Automobiles such as trucks will be much longer than for example, cars.

Each level gets progressively hard as you complete the levels. Sometimes you may find that there are coins between some cars, if you are brave and your car is small enough, you'll be able to collect these coins. These coins act as a challenge for your skills!

Play to help the traffic!

How to play?

Use the mouse or touch.

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