Garbage Sanitation Truck

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Garbage Sanitation Truck
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What is Garbage Sanitation Truck?

Garbage Sanitation Truck

If you are a boy who dreams of someday becoming a garbage truck driver, then you should really come and check out our new and awesome online game called Garbage Sanitation Truck, where you get to be the driver for such a truck through one of the biggest virtual cities ever, and thanks to your hard work the city will be clean, as well as the houses of the people living in them.

What will you do as a garbage truck driver?

Well, your main duty is to go from street to street to collect all of the trash cans along the road, with there being an arrow over the truck that shows you the direction you need to take, and when you reach a garbage bin that needs to be emptied out, there is a green spot next to it. Park in the correct spot and then hit the disposal button to empty the trash can.

How to drive the garbage truck

It's not difficult to drive the virtual garbage truck at all, as you will use the arrow keys to accelerate, brake, and steer it through the roads, with the main thing that you have to be careful of is to make sure that you don't hit any of the other cars on the roads because if you give them even a tiny scratch you will have failed and have to start all over again.

We wish you good luck, so that does not happen, and we would be glad to see you play more trucks games online here after this one!

How to play?

Use the W, A, S, D keys.

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