Post-Apocalyptic Truck

Post-Apocalyptic Truck

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Post-Apocalyptic Truck
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Post-Apocalyptic Truck Overview


Are you want to be a crazy truck driver who is willing to dominate the Post-apocalyptic world? If so, welcome to the Post-Apocalyptic Truck offered by Super Games. It includes a variety of modified trucks with different characteristics and gorgeous looks. Besides, up to 90 levels are introduced to test your driving skills. Other types of achievements will unlock as you complete the milestone. 

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Furthermore, the Post-Apocalyptic Truck gameplay is similar to Hill Climb Racing; however, the theme and trucks are different. Using four arrow keys may help you drive the truck as follows: The up key for acceleration, the down key to brake, the left key enables you to turn left, and the right key lets you go in the right direction. 
As mentioned above, several levels exist; each has a different landscape full of hurdles, barriers, and jumps. It would help if you were careful when overcoming hurdles because they might disturb the truck balance. At that time, the left and right keys can help you maintain your balance. Once your truck comes upside down, the game ends, and you must start at the same level again. Furthermore, the game introduces a star-based system similar to Hill Climb Racing, wherein you must end up levels with three starts to unlock additional stuff, including trucks. Unlocking trucks are possible, but the game lacks a modification system. 

How to play?

Use the arrows to drive this Apocalyptic Truck.


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