Post Apocalyptic Truck Trail

Post Apocalyptic Truck Trail

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Post Apocalyptic Truck Trail
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Post Apocalyptic Truck Trail Overview


In a Post Apocalyptic world online you are now invited to go on a dangerous Trail with your Truck, but not just one, but multiple of them, as there are countless awesome levels where you have to drive with this truck, a really awesome and fresh experience we now invite you all to have, knowing how great it is by having played this game right now, before sharing it with you as well!

Let's drive on the Post Apocalyptic Truck Trail!

Use the arrows to drive and balance your truck through the trail, where you need to avoid crashing into various obstacles, make dangerous jumps, avoid pits, and other dangers you encounter, all to reach the flag at the end of a course, and the faster you are, the better, as you can earn from one to three stars.

We hope you always aim for 3 out of 3, and with the stars you earn you get to unlock some better and faster trucks to use, making the experience better for you.

It's really as simple as that, so we hope to see you begin right now, only here, and then maybe share the game with some of your friends too!

How to play?

Use the arrows.

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