Dump Truck Pile Up

Dump Truck Pile Up

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Dump Truck Pile Up
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Dump Truck Pile Up Overview


Dump Truck Pile Up is one of the best new Bugs Bunny Builders Games online that you can find and play on our website and have tons of fun with, as it manages to combine coloring games with skill games all at the same time, resulting in a really fun and interesting experience, which we've just had, so we will now tell you more about it!

Let's make a Dump Truck Pile Up with the Bugs Bunny Builders!

Start off by choosing what item you want to draw and paint, having lots of options such as:

  • planes
  • carrots
  • consoles
  • safety hat
  • cones
  • paint buckets
  • tool boxes

After that, you start drawing and painting the items, following the dotted lines with the mouse to make the shapes, and you then choose the color you want them to be filled with.

When the item you've drawn is ready, you will have to dump it in the truck. It will be held by a mechanical hand, moving left and right, and when you click or tap, it gets dropped into the truck.

Try to make a pile up as big as possible of your items to earn a big score, without letting them fall off the truck, and achieve a really big score in return. It's that simple and fun, so feel free and confident to start right now, and then invite your friends to do the same!

How to play?

Use the mouse.

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