Countryside Truck Drive

Countryside Truck Drive

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Countryside Truck Drive
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Countryside Truck Drive Overview


Countryside Truck Drive is what we invite you to go on right now with what represents one of the best truck simulators games online from our website, where you get to take a big truck and drive it on small country roads because they are still very good for taking your cargo to the various warehouses where they need to be transported towards, something we will now show you how to do on computers or mobile devices, this game being playable for both!

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To switch between the three lanes of the road as your truck drives forward, press the right and left arrow keys, first and foremost to avoid the roadblocks which act as obstacles on the road. That's because you only have three lives, and if you hit them three times, you lose all of them and the game, of course.

Now, after you make a certain distance and time with no problems, the driving speed will increase, which makes it more difficult for you to avoid obstacles, but it is that added challenge that makes the game more fun and interesting to play.

Along the courses, you will also find coins, and you need to try and collect as many of them as possible since they represent your extra bonus money on your trip, so the more of them you can drive through, the better!

These are the main objectives you now have as a virtual truck driver, so give your best at both of them, have fun with this game like never before, and make sure to invite friends to do the very same!

How to play?

Use the arrow keys.

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