Drive Fun

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What is Drive Fun?

Drive Fun

Drive Fun is yet another awesome, fun, and high-quality driving game coming from the world of Fancade Games, which have and always been really fun from start to finish, so why would you not enjoy this updated version as well, which has a total of ten tracks for you to enjoy driving on!

To Drive in the Fancade world is Fun, try it out!

You tap and hold on the right side of the screen, whether on a PC or mobile device, in order to accelerate, and you tap and hold on the left side if you wish to hit the brakes.

Go over the water, avoid any kinds of traps or obstacles, making sure not to fall, get stuck, or crash, in which case you need to start that level again from scratch.

Instead, reach the end of each track safely, and see how much fun you can have for them all, no matter how complicated they might get down the road, literally. Start now, what is there to wait for?



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How to play?

Use the mouse.