Monster Beach Surf's Up

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What is Monster Beach Surf's Up?

Monster Beach Surf's Up
Monster Beach is one of the newest Cartoon Network shows to have started airing on this channel beloved all over the world, and really soon after the premiere of the show we are happy that we can already give you Monster Beach Games online to play, and since this show revolves around the world of surfing and surfers, of course, the first game in the category would be a surfing game online, a game called Surf's Up, which we highly recommend!

How to surf the waves of Monster Beach

As your surfer rides the waves, you have to tap on the screen to jump with your surfboard, so that you jump from the lower waves to the higher waves or vice-versa, and you should also be careful not to fall into the pits or waterfalls along the way, since they have rocks at the bottom, and hitting them means losing the game.

Not only should you strive to surf a distance as big as possible without crashing or falling off your board, but you should also collect Tiki statues along the way, jumping or riding through them to grab them, as they represent your score, and you would want a big score at the end of your run, isn't that right?

Start surfing with your favorite monsters right now, and tell all your friends that they can now find and play these games here, they will come over in a second, and also have fun themselves!

How to play?

Use the mouse.

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