Friday Night Funkin' vs Tree

Friday Night Funkin' vs Tree

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Friday Night Funkin' vs Tree
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Friday Night Funkin' vs Tree Overview


Friday Night Funkin 'vs Tree is the new FNF mode that we recommend you try because it is completely different from all the other modes you have tried because this time you will have to dance against a tree.

How can you beat Tree?

For beginners, you will need to know that this new mode has three levels, with three different songs (Trunk, Warning, Revolution), and also three different appearances of Tree. In the first level, you will meet this character, after which in the next level Tree will evolve into a new character, and finally, his appearance will be scary, because the tree has run out of leaves, the trunk is brown, and the eyes are red.


Music/Charter: ExoticMudkipz
Artist/Sprite maker: AllLogan
Coder: edgardeivis
Creator/Designer/Playtester: Duckiny125

How to play?

Use the arrows to dance as well as you can!

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