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Pico Untamed Demo

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Pico Untamed Demo Overview


Interactive-adventure games are always going to be some of the most fantastic new games online you can play for free on our website, even more so if they are coming from the Friday Night Funkin Games category, which is now getting more diverse and interesting, since Pico Untamed Demo is one of the first such games this category has had, and there is no doubt in our minds that you are going to love it greatly!

Help Pico save people and defeat baddies!

Pico's job is to be an assassin, so taking out targets is his biggest ability, and this is what you will use in this adventure, where you are going deep undercover into a criminal organization. There, what you need to focus on is to save people, as well as shoot and assassinate the enemies you encounter.

Be careful, because these nasty enemies want to take you out, and won't hesitate to shoot at you on sight, so try to hide and ambush them, set out traps, and make sure you are not discovered. You will open doors using keys, crack jail cells, and more activities like these, hoping not to get caught and shot.

How to play this Pico action game online

To navigate this world and this game you only need to use the mouse, choosing the action you want to do or the place you want to go by clicking on the buttons, which have indicators such as 'North', 'Hide', 'Ambush', 'Shoot', and many others, so if you make the right choices, you will win!

If you die, you can always respawn and start again from scratch. Good luck to you all in this action-heavy game with the fan-favorite Pico from FNF, and stick around to play even more great new games on our website!


How to play?

Use the mouse.

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