Hardest Game Ever

Hardest Game Ever

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Hardest Game Ever
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Hardest Game Ever Overview


When it comes to what we seek for in puzzle games online, it is to challenge ourselves and test the capabilities of our brains, and we're sure that so many players of our website also feel the same, which is the reason why right at this moment they are invited to have this kind of experience with the new and awesome game we've just provided for you, called Hardest Game Ever!

Do your best to solve the puzzles, even the hardest ones!

In this game, you control a little red square that starts off from a red square on the map, and you have to reach the blue square on the other end, no matter where it is placed, as its placement can be different from one level to another.

To move around the maps you use the arrow keys, but know that before reaching the blue square, your destination, you need to first collect the yellow circles on the map.

Make sure to avoid the blue circles and other dangerous items that are meant as traps and obstacles, some of them immobile, but some of them moving around because if they hit you, you lose and have to start the level again.

Of course, this means that each new level is more difficult than the one before it until you will reach some of the hardest levels ever, but if you challenge them, we're sure you will win! Focus, never give up!

How to play?

Use the arrow keys.

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