FNF PlayGround Coloring

FNF PlayGround Coloring

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FNF PlayGround Coloring
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FNF PlayGround Coloring Overview


Friday Night Funkin' game is definitely the most popular game of 2021, which is why we thought of offering our players from Play-Games.com a coloring game with FNF in which you will be able to color the most popular characters this game: Boyfriend, Girlfriend, Daddy Dearest, Skid and Pump, Monster, Pico, Mommy Mearest, Daddy Dearest, Tankman, Garcello, Agoti, Ruv, Whitty, Tricky, Tabi, Mid Fight Masses, Miku, Hex and many more other characters in this series.

What is FNF?

FNF acronyms come from the title of the game, Friday Night Funkin',  which is a dancing game in which you will have to fight on the dance floor against several characters. In order to win each battle, you will have to hit the appropriate arrows at the right time so that you can dance with your character as well as possible. Each arrow you hit perfectly will make your character dance properly, but the moment you press too fast or miss the right time, your character will be de-pointed. The original game has 7 weeks, and each week you will have a new character that you will have to beat alongside Boyfriend, the main character of the game. The stake of the game is Girlfriend, the character you have to save, and with whom you will have to go through all these adventures.

How can you color the characters in the game?

To color, you will have to choose the character or the coloring page you want to work on, then you will have two options, the first in which you have to color using pencils, or crayons, and another option in which you can fill the image with color; the second option is much easier and faster. To change the color you use you will have to click on the square on the bottom right, then build the color you want using the tool in the game. The next thing you can do is download the color image of yourself and save it to your computer to use it in the background on your desktop or even print it.

A very important thing is that the game is ready for mobile, tablet, or latest generation devices, which is why we invite you to try this game on a mobile phone.

How to play?

Use the mouse to color.

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