Angelo Mega Skate

Angelo Mega Skate

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Angelo Mega Skate
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Angelo Mega Skate Overview


You never know what surprises await you on our website, which is the reason why right at this moment our team is glad to showcase to everyone the game called Angelo Mega Skate, the first skateboarding game in this category, where we're sure you will have lots of fun, firstly because you probably love Angelo and his friends, and, secondly, because skateboarding games online get lots of hype at the moment, and it's for all the right reasons!

Skate, flip, ollie, and have fun with Angelo and friends!

For starters, pick which of the two main characters you want to be: Angelo, or Lola. For each level of the game, you have a different track that you explore through the city, but, also, there will be different kinds of targets you need to reach, such as the number of jumps to make, or how many cupcakes to collect.

As your character skates forward on the courses, you have to jump over obstacles by clicking the jump button that is on the right, and the more you hold it, the bigger the jump. You also have a button for tricks and flips that you can click on to the left side.

It's that simple, so if you're ready for some skateboarding fun, let it start right now, and maybe check out more games with Angelo further down the road, and keep the fun going!

How to play?

Use the mouse.

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