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What are Angelo Rules Games?

Angelo Rules is an animated serial comedy intended for children and created by studio TeamTo and Cake Entertainment. In the same way as many other characters of the drawings for children has their place on our site, Angelo has a place on in the new Angelo Rules games. We prepare for you games full of adventure and fun with little Angelo. The series Angelo Rules, present the life of 11 years boy,which with him best friends, Lola and Sherwood live the most amazing adventures. The series was born in France, and for this reason the first season was launched there on 3 April 2010. The name of the comedy comes from the hero on which the producers called Angelo. The boy only has 11 years but he is able to come out of the biggest problems possible. It is a boy very optimistic and does not give up no matter how difficult it would seem the situation in which he is blocked. Angelo is not only very brave, but also is very clever because finds a solution of escape for any situation and always has a plan. Of course, Angelo would not do all that without his friends like Lola, who is also his neighbor. The 12 years girl has an important role in their circle of friends because she can lead to imitate any voice she wish, and when they need to get out of fuss can imitate very well the mother of each of them on the phone. It may also imitated the voice of the Headteacher of the school, the inspector or anyone else. She is always there for Angelo helping him even when he is making the biggest insane. Another very good friend of Angelo is Sherwood, who is a very intelligent child and Angelo needs him to solve the issues in which always goes. Sherwood is always careful about details and is the one who finds possible mistakes in the plans of Angelo, sometimes he does not have confidence in these plans, but for the beautiful friendship that they have he`s not giving up. It is inventive, resourceful and understands technology which is very important when the three shall bring something. Angelo, Lola and Sherwood are inseparable friends and together are making a lot of troubles but for having a strong friendship they always find a way to escape. Angelo has also a little brother named Peter, which is mother`s favorite and which she defends him even when he is not right, and Angelo is always the black ship. Elena, is the big sister, always thinking of fashion and very haughty. Because it is the biggest she likes being the boss and give order to her smaller brothers. Mrs. Lawrence is the mother of the three and the one who is trying to keep the peace and silence in the house. Mr. Lawrence, is the father, which unlike the mother is the one who sometimes causes chaos in the house. It is arguing most of the times with Angelo because of TV, and Mr. Lawrence converse into a child like Angelo. The Lawrence family has a cat, thrust forward by name Joe Momma, but which nobody put it into account. All dodging the responsibility to take care of the cat, and the kitty is left alone to do what he wants only that they will not make felt around. The series has fun characters with fun facts, and for this reason Angelo Rules games promise to be just as fun. invites you to play along with Angelo and his friends together with which you will experience great adventures. Please tell us if you find something wrong at these games, or if you find other Angelo Rules games on which our site has not been published. We can promise you that we will take account of your needs and we'll resolve it immediately.