How to Draw Seth

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What is How to Draw Seth?

How to Draw Seth

The Fungies Games is one of the newest categories of Cartoon Network Games online created in the last year for our website, and we're gleeful that right at this moment we get to bring over its first-ever drawing game online, a game called How to Draw Seth that we hope to see you all try out right at this moment, because where else can you draw Seth, the show's main character, just like the artists of the show do?

Have fun by learning how to draw Seth from The Fungies!

You are going to draw each body part and feature of this character one by one, and then when they all come together at the end, the character will be filled with color as well as be animated, just like you've drawn it.

Use the mouse to do the drawing, as you have to draw along the dotted lines, so you should try being as accurate as possible if you want Seth to look as close as possible to how you see him drawn on television.

Even if you don't regularly draw, this game is going to be a blast, we promise, so we hope we will see you play it right now, and have fun as only on our website is possible!

How to play?

Use the mouse.

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