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Fungie Sling

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Fungie Sling
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Fungie Sling Overview


Welcome, all to Fungie Sling, which is one of the best new Fungies Games online to have been added on our website, something we are really excited about since this is one of the newest Cartoon Network Games categories we've created here, based on the hit show with the same name which premiered not too long ago!

Let's shoot the Fungie Sling!

Seth will be placed on the slingshot, and you pull back on it, set the angle, and then release to make the shot, and know that while you are mid-air you can shoot again for some extra oomph. To complete each of the eighteen levels in this game you need to shoot Seth in such a way that you collect all the pages in his project.

Time the shots so that you get past the moving platforms, smash the blocks to get past them, and if you want to move sofas you will have to hit the buttons, which are actually bouncy mushrooms. Avoid the bogs at any cost, because touching them at any point will make you lose the level instantly.

Good luck, we wish you the best time possible, and definitely hope to see you around, playing more of our amazing daily content!

How to play?

Use the mouse.

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