Steve AdventureCraft Nether

Steve AdventureCraft Nether

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Steve AdventureCraft Nether
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Steve AdventureCraft Nether Overview


Steve from Minecraft has reached the Nether, a place where nothing should exist, but horrors do, and he now invites you on an adventure where you will help him navigate this new hellish world, where we hope that you will give it your best to help him overcome any kind of dangers that he encounters!

Travel the pixelated nether together with Steve!

In each stage of the game, you need to reach the door at the end to pass to the next level, and along the way, you should collect the pixel animals, since they need to be rescued, and, if you do it, you get points in return. Of course, what you need to avoid are the ghosts and dangerous creatures, because if they touch you, you lose.

Also, at the same time, remember that there is a timer running, and you're playing against it, which is why we hope you give it your best to reach the door before it gets to zero seconds. Use the W, A, S, D to run and jump, and press the F key to shoot your gun against the various enemies.

Good luck, start the fun right now, and don't hesitate to share this game with as many of your friends as possible too!

How to play?

Use the W, A, S, D, F keys.

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