Ready for Preschool: Hiding Places

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What is Ready for Preschool: Hiding Places?

Ready for Preschool: Hiding Places

For the many kids out there who would want to get better at spatial awareness, our administrative team invites you all right now to have the most fun possible with Ready for Preschool: Hiding Places, which is also the latest game to have been added to our category of Tiny Ones Transport Service Games, which has only just begun, and will keep on bringing you the fun day after day!

Play hide and seek with the baby animals at the nursery!

Having good observation skills is a really good thing for adults, which is why it's important to develop them from a young age, something we invite you all to do right now with the baby animals in the TOTS nursery, having the option of going through either of the two doors, each one with new locations and new animals to play with.

Move around the environments, each one created specifically for the type of animal you are looking for, and where you think you see an animal hiding, tap with the mouse. Keep doing so until you have found all of the hiding baby animals, and then you will have won that level, and be able to play a new one.

Everything is that easy and fun, so we hope you start playing this game right now, enjoy it as only here is possible, and then maybe invite some of your friends to play it as well!

How to play?

Use the mouse.

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