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What are TOTS Tiny Ones Transport Service Games?

It goes without saying, but Disney Junior brings out some of the most popular and most fun animated shows for younger children that there are out there, and we are always very happy to create categories of games for them, just like we are doing today for the TOTS Tiny Ones Transport Service Games category, based on the show with the same name that has only risen in popularity since its debut, which we are sure will only get bigger and better!

Meet the best baby transport service in the world: T.O.T.S!

The two main characters that this show follows are called Pip, who is a penguin, and Freddy, who is a flamingo bird, both of them being trainees at Tiny Ones Transport Service, a facility that takes care of baby animals and then delivers them to their parents!

There are many things that the two young birds will learn about the process, such as placing the baby in the right crate depending on its gender, reaching the family safely, and taking a photograph of them together for confirmation, or assisting the delivery storks in their missions.

Pip acts as a navigator for Freddy, with Freddy doing all the flying, as Pip is a penguin, so they can’t fly, but together they make a really good team.

Other characters include Captain Candace Beakman, who is the leader of the TOTS organization and has a daughter who is a kitten, called Mia, or K.C. the Koala, a koala who is in charge of nursing the babies at the facility, but in his downtime, he is a great guitarist.

There are lots of valuable lessons to be learned by kids watching the show, such as how to babysit their younger siblings, how to deal with problems and stressful situations, they can become more creative, all in a fun and colorful package, just like we could say will be the case for our games with Tiny Ones Transport Service!

Play TOTS Games online to help the team deliver the baby animals!

Despite the show being a recent one, there are quite a few games with it already, such as the mash-up games where they are found alongside other characters from Disney Junior, where you can solve mazes, puzzles, or improve your memory.

You can play flying games where you help the birds deliver the babies, really awesome games where you learn how to deal with your feelings and emotions, have fun painting together with the animals, or play a thrilling game of hide and seek.

Any and all games with TOTS online that you play here will be both fun and educational at the same time, there will be no moments of boredom when you play them, so we hope you start doing it right now, have great amounts of fun as only here you can, and then revisit our website day after day, so you never miss out when the new games of this category appear, as you never know when that might happen!