Ready for Preschool Color Splat

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What is Ready for Preschool Color Splat?

Ready for Preschool Color Splat

Coloring, painting, and being creative is something highly encouraged by the characters from Disney Junior's TOTS, and of course, that would spill over to their awesome games as well, which is the reason why right now you are invited to play a game that has these elements and much more fun to them, an awesome game called Ready for Preschool Color Splat!

Learn about colors, paint, and have fun with the TOTS birds and other animals!

Before you can actually paint, together with the animals you will bring the colors and the paints in existence, so when primary and secondary colors are splashed on the screen, tap on them to have them splat, and this will fill up the tubes with color. The tubes of colors can then be taken and combined with one another.

When you've got all your colors ready to use, then with the mouse you can apply them and paint them black and white sheets of the baby animals given to you, which will surely enhance your creativity and offer you a really great time to be had. Enjoy!

How to play?

Use the mouse.

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