Mine Tap

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Mine Tap
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What is Mine Tap?

Mine Tap

We already know how popular idle clicking games online are among kids and adults alike from all over the world, but when they are also Minecraft Games at the same time, these clicker games instantly become better and more fun, which is why our team is delighted that right now we get to share with you the game called Mine Tap!

Tap to mine as much as possible and beat records after records!

You will have a pickaxe in front of you, and you are going to click on the screen repeatedly in order to hit the various materials from Minecraft in front of you and increase the number of picks as much as possible.

Using the earnings you get, you can buy new tools, new abilities, as well as various blocks, so try increasing your capabilities to mine, because then you will earn more for each pick hit that you make.

It's a game all about patience and going on for as long as possible, and we are sure you will enjoy it a ton, just like we did, so we hope you start it right now and here!

How to play?

Use the mouse.

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