Mermaid Wonders Hidden Object

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What is Mermaid Wonders Hidden Object?

Mermaid Wonders Hidden Object

It's not that often that we bring you new hidden objects games online on our website, and the reason for that would be that there are many of them popping out on the internet day after day, but, when there are high-quality ones that we can share with you, you can bet we do it, just like right in this moment when you're getting the chance to have fun with Mermaid Wonders Hidden Object!

Explore the underwater world of mermaids and help them find the missing objects!

There are a total of 100 levels for you to finish in this game, each one depicting some kind of mermaid in her natural habitat, and below the image, you can see the list of items that you need to find.

When you spot said items in the images, tap on them, and make sure to mark all the items before the time bar completely depletes on you, because if that happens, you lose the level and have to start it again from scratch.

Hints will be made available to you at times, but know that they come in a limited number, so try not to overuse them. Good luck, enjoy, and stick around for all the fun still to come!

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How to play?

Use the mouse.