Uphill Bus Simulator 3D

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What is Uphill Bus Simulator 3D?

Uphill Bus Simulator 3D

Driving a bus through the city, from one stop to another, is no easy feat, and we are grateful to all the bus drivers out there, but it can become even more difficult when you go out of the city, and have to do it on hills and mountains, where the road is not as easy to maneuver, something you will learn about right now by playing Uphill Bus Simulator 3D online!

Go uphill with your bus and get the passengers to their destination in no time!

Use the arrow keys to drive your bus, that is what you should know for starters. You can play the game in the story mode, where you have levels, each of them with a more difficult course to challenge than the one before it, and you can also play the free play mode, where you roam the courses freely.

Go from one station to another, as you drop off passengers and pick up new ones, making sure to always respect the timetable, since no riders would want to be late to where they are going. The game is easy to play looks great and is entertaining from start to finish, so trying it out right now is a must!

How to play?

Use the arrow keys.

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