Hill Station Bus Simulator

Hill Station Bus Simulator

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Hill Station Bus Simulator
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Hill Station Bus Simulator Overview


We've never gone wrong adding new bus simulator games online in 3D for our website in the past, which makes us very excited to share a new one with you right now, Hill Station Bus Simulator, which makes you drive buses through the hills, which is a bit more difficult than in cities, but also more pleasant, as the view is nicer, and in case you want to know how to do it, worry not, we're here to explain!

Try our Hill Station Bus Simulator online!

The first bus you've got in the garage ready to drive is called City Hopper, but then you can buy new ones with your money, like:

  • Speedy Transit
  • Urban Runner
  • Express Link

Try the free ride mode if you just want to get the hang of driving a bus through the hills, but if you want a challenge, go with the levels in the career mode. Drive using WASD or the ARROW keys, touch controls for mobile players.

Go to the green spots, and the stations, pick up the passengers, and then deliver them to their drop-off points, also marked, earning money for all the customers you do that with successfully. Try to complete courses fast, as you're being timed, and not crash. Go to the gas station to refuel, since it is a long road ahead. Good luck, enjoy, and try more similar games when done with this amazing one!

How to play?

Use the WASD/ARROW keys.

Tips & Tricks

  • Don't run out of fuel on the hills, or your bus stops and you lose your job.
  • Unlock all the buses for different virtual driving experiences.
  • Try the free mode for a stress-free bus driving simulator online!

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