Blockminer Run Two Player

Blockminer Run Two Player

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Blockminer Run Two Player
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Blockminer Run Two Player Overview


Blockminer Run Two Player has just been added because we know how much the visitors of our website love pixelated games, even more so when they are 2p games are the same time, with this one having been inspired by Minecraft, with its blocky characters, so you're about to enter a whole new world of fun!

Let's run, mine, and have fun in two players!

The two players control their characters in the mining carts using the W key and Up arrow key to make jumps, having to jump over the obstacles, pits, and traps along the way, reaching the end of the courses without getting caught and defeated by the blocky monster chasing you.

Along the way there will be gold, rocks, and other things to collect, so make sure to grab onto them as much as possible to increase your score. Good luck to both players who have to work together to succeed, and we invite you to check out more content from this category to keep the fun going together with one another and ourselves as well!

How to play?

Use the Up arrow and W key.

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