2-Player Dino Run

2-Player Dino Run

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2-Player Dino Run
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2-Player Dino Run Overview


2-Player Dino Run is now free to play on our website for all those of you who love running and jumping games, racing games in 2 players, and dinosaurs too, as all these are elements of this amazing game inspired by the Google emote, and we're sure that right now you're going to simply devour this game, just like a dinosaur would devour its prey!

Let's go on the 2-Player Dino Run, and see who wins!

Each dinosaur has its own track, each on one half of the game screen, and one player uses W and S to jump and duck, while the other player uses Up and Down.

As the dinosaurs race forward by themselves, avoid all the obstacles in your path by jumping over them or ducking underneath them, because the one that hits an obstacle loses, and the other one wins.

The player that wins two out of three races wins the whole race. Good luck to both of you we wish, and we hope you don't stop here, as the day still has plenty more to give you, as always!

How to play?

Use W and S, as well as Up and Down.

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