Drift Parking

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What is Drift Parking?

Drift Parking

Drift Parking is a game-changer for both the parking games and the drifting games 3d categories of our website, with this game crossing over the two genres in quite an interesting way, and offering an experience that we are sure you won't forget anytime soon, as you immediately start playing it!

Let's drift towards the parking spot!

The car moves forward on the roads automatically, and you use the right and left arrow keys to drift it, with the goal being to park it the given number of times in each level to pass it.

You will have to drift into the parking spots on the sides of the road without crashing, hitting other cars, obstacles on the road, or anything of the sort, since that causes you to lose the level.

The better you perform the drift parking, the more points you get, so try to be stylish and swift while also being careful not to ruin the whole parking attempt.

Good luck, and if you have friends who you think this game is perfect for, make sure to invite them over, and show them how much fun they could be having!

How to play?

Use the mouse.

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