Unblock Parking

Unblock Parking

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Unblock Parking
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Unblock Parking Overview


Puzzle games with parking are a terrific combo' when it comes to both of these categories, and it kind of makes a lot of sense, because as drivers know, getting in and out of parking lots can sometimes feel like a mind-boggling challenge of logic, but through this 3D game, you will get to improve on your thinking in a fun way!

Unblock the Parking spots online!

You can see multiple cars in the lots, arranged in a way that they are blocking one another, and you can also see a limited number of exists. Swipe across the cars to make them move, and do it in such a way that you get them out of the lot, releasing one car after another until there are none left.

At this point you will have cleared the level, you get coins in return, and you can advance to the following one, which gets a bit harder, of course, but also more fun at the same time, and with more rewards, for you to earn. We wish you the best, tons of fun from start to finish, and we hope to see you around some more!

How to play?

Use the mouse.

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