Ski King 2022

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What is Ski King 2022?

Ski King 2022

Ski King 2022 is the updated version of one of our most popular ski games online 3d, and it is with tremendous excitement that we share it with you right now, knowing very well that skiing is an activity that many people love doing both in real life and offline, and you now get to do it thanks to the latest technology in the world of gaming!

Let's become the Ski King of 2022!

Hit the play button and then try to complete all of the five levels, one more complicated and difficult than the one before it. To carve you use the right and left arrow keys, and for boost, you press the spacebar. As you go downhill, try collecting as many coins as possible for a big score, using them, later on, to buy upgrades for:

  • Carve
  • Boost
  • Stability

Your downhill courses as not as easy as you would think because you need to avoid obstacles, and be careful not to get slowed down by snow bumps, gradle, or ice snow. There is also an avalanche falling behind you, so be fast and not let it catch up to you, or you lose.

Good luck to all the kings of ski who will now try this amazing game, and we hope to see you around some more, we never run out of new and amazing games to share with you!

How to play?

Use the arrows, spacebar.

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